Alexandria Carolan is a reporter with The Cancer Letter. She joined the publication in 2019. 

Her work focuses on a wide range of oncology issues including appropriations, diversity and, most recently, gender-related bias. 

Alexandria has worked as an editorial associate at the American Society of Clinical Oncology, where she wrote for The ASCO Daily News, and edited ASCO Educational Book and meeting programs. Alexandria holds a B.A. in journalism and English from the University of Maryland (2018), where she wrote for the university’s independent student newspaper, The Diamondback. 

She has written for local newspapers and magazines, where she covered city affairs, crime, science and technology, and bias. Alex’s work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Associated Press, Capital News Service, Asbury Park Press, Bethesda Beat and Bethesda Magazine.

Latest Stories

Health Disparities
We are shocked and horrified by the recent spate of violence and hate crimes against people of Asian and Pacific Islander  descent across the United States.In response to these events, The Cancer Letter is stepping up coverage of inequities and disparities—and we are seeking your help and guidance on an upcoming series of investigative stories.As a publication that actively advocates for racial justice and health equity, we condemn these attacks, which have led to deaths, severe injuries, and widespread fear in AAPI communities.
The likelihood that a patient walking through the doors of a radiation oncology clinic has advanced disease has increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a survey from the American Society for Radiation Oncology found.

The NCI Board of Scientific Advisors approved 12 new and reissue concepts.

NCI Director's Report
NCI has established a program at Frederick National Laboratory to manufacture CAR T-cell therapies for multicenter clinical trials.
Once an expensive cancer drug is discarded, it’s not worth it for drug developers, health care providers, and payers to recoup its cost, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said in a congressionally mandated report.
Conversation with The Cancer Letter
This story is part of The Cancer Letter's ongoing coverage of COVID-19's impact on oncology. A full list of our coverage is available here.