Reach oncology’s top audience through the field’s #1 news publication and one-of-a-kind historical archive.
Why The Cancer Letter?
The Cancer Letter has a dedicated readership that includes key opinion leaders at academic institutions, community oncology practices, government agencies, professional associations, health IT and pharmaceutical companies, Wall Street, and advocacy organizations.
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Our media kit includes:
  • Available advertising placements
  • Readership and site metrics
  • Advertising guidelines and specifications
  • Bulk and agency pricing
  • Advertising terms and conditions
Our Reach
75,000 estimated circulation.
73% readers with MD or PhD.
94.5% all NCI-designated cancer centers.
Available Placements
The Cancer Letter
Web advertising
  • Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Banner, and Rectangle ads available.
PDF advertising
  • Reach some of our most dedicated, specialized readers with a full page ad in The Cancer Letter’s PDF edition.
Email advertising
  • Banner ads available on weekly eTOCs.
Event calendar
  • List your upcoming events to be highlighted on the home page and our events page.
Cancer History Project
Web advertising
  • Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Banner, and Rectangle ads available on, a one-of-a-kind collaborative archive of oncology’s history.
  • A sponsorship of the Cancer History Project comes with a flexible, custom ad package across all our platforms, as well as logo placement on the sponsors page.
Events & podcasts
  • Contact us for details about virtual panel sponsorships.
Who reads The Cancer Letter?

The Cancer Letter’s readers are primarily MDs and PhDs working in oncology as clinicians, administrators, and basic scientists.

Where can I find The Cancer Letter’s readership metrics?

All metrics are available in the media kit.

Who advertises in The Cancer Letter?

Our number one advertisers are our readers. Past advertisers include cancer centers, government agencies, oncology professional associations, health IT companies, healthcare consultancies, pharmaceutical companies, recruiting firms, and advocacy organizations.

Tobacco and alcohol ads, and ads advocating unproven therapies are ineligible. All ad placements are subject to availability and approval. The Cancer Letter reserves the right to refuse advertising.

How far in advance should we reserve ad placements?

We recommend contacting us as soon as possible to ensure availability, especially for our highest visibility placements.

What is the deadline for creative?

All web advertisements are due three (3) business days before their start date. Email and PDF ads are due two (2) business days before publication date.

What can we advertise?

Our most common campaigns focus on brand identity, events, and recruiting. We do not allow advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, or unproven therapies.

What can we NOT advertise?

Tobacco and alcohol ads, and ads advocating unproven therapies are ineligible. All ad placements are subject to availability and approval. The Cancer Letter reserves the right to refuse advertising.

Does The Cancer Letter have an editorial calendar?

No, we do not operate our coverage based on an editorial calendar.

Do you accept sponsored content?

The Cancer Letter does not publish advertorials or sponsored content. However, a PDF ad, if properly labeled as an advertisement, may be used in a similar manner. You may also submit an article, subject for review and approval by our editorial team, in accordance with our submission guidelines.

Can we use a tracked link with our ads?

Yes, we highly recommend using tracked links such as UTM links with your ads for the most accurate metrics.

Can we switch out ads in the middle of a campaign?

Web ads can be switched out at any time within your scheduled ad buy. We require 3 business days to execute an unscheduled change request. Email and PDF ads are not eligible to be changed out after publication.

If you would like to consistently switch back and forth between multiple versions of an ad, please contact us to discuss your options, which are subject to availability.

Can we purchase ad space exclusivity?

Category exclusivity may only be obtained by prior negotiation (ie: a last minute ad where no competitor happens to be placed) or by an ad buyout. We are happy to advise on placement options if this is a concern.

Does The Cancer Letter provide ad design services?

Yes, If you need help creating an ad, we can facilitate design services at affordable rates through our affiliated design team. To learn more about ad design services, please fill out the form above to receive our media kit.

What ad metrics can The Cancer Letter provide?

We are able to provide views and clicks for web and emails ads only. We are unable to provide any metrics for PDF ads. Tracking links are encouraged.

Metrics are available on request only. To request metrics, please contact us before your ad expires.