Submission Guidelines

Opinion pieces and commentary

The Cancer Letter welcomes submissions of opinion pieces and commentary on policy and clinical matters:

  • Opinions on policy are labeled Guest Editorials. These appear in the news section of The Cancer Letter
  • Opinion pieces focused on clinical issues are labelled Trials & Tribulations and appear as a column in The Clinical Cancer Letter, a weekly section of The Cancer Letter that is analogous to, say, a business section of a newspaper.

Historically, Guest Editorials and Trials & Tribulations pieces have run between 500 and 10,000 words. There is no minimum or maximum word limit. Both are candidates for being featured on the cover. Footnotes are acceptable, as are tables, figures, and slides. 

Past contributors are listed here

In both Guest Editorials and Trials & Tribulations, any conflicts of interest are the responsibility of the author to disclose. These articles, which will not be peer reviewed, must adhere to our editorial and ethics policies.

The Cancer Letter is a news publication, not a scientific journal. Any submissions will be treated as opinion pieces. Rough drafts and broad ideas are welcome—most commentaries start as an informal phone call.

To inquire about submitting a Guest Editorial or a Trials & Tribulations column, contact editor Paul Goldberg (, 202-362-1809 ext 2).

If selected, our team will guide the editorial process.

Press releases & announcements

The Cancer Letter accepts news items for our weekly news digest summary. You may submit press releases and other announcements to be published in the following sections:

  • In Brief: Notices of academic or administrative appointments, recruitments, dedications of facilities, and forging of alliances between institutions
  • Drugs & Targets: Regulatory i.e. FDA approvals, and business developments i.e. translational R&D agreements between entities
  • Clinical Roundup: Clinical news e.g. results of clinical trials, publication of clinical guidelines, basic science discoveries etc.
  • Funding Opportunities: Available research funding and prizes

To submit, please add to your distribution list.