Robert A. Winn
Robert A. Winn, MD

Director and Lipman Chair in Oncology, VCU Massey Cancer Center; Senior associate dean for cancer innovation and professor of pulmonary disease and critical care medicine, VCU School of Medicine

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Richard B. Warnecke, PhD, a longtime member of the University of Illinois Cancer Center and a national leader in cancer control research, died Aug. 19. He was 84.
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Before May 14, 2022, if you mentioned Buffalo, NY, my mind would have taken me back to the city I knew in the 1960s. I grew up there. I was a kid from the ‘hood whose grandmother instilled messages about living a life based on grace and humility from day one. I was a Head Start kid surrounded by people who believed in the power of providing possibility. I was a kid from the poor, Black neighborhood that bordered the poorer, Black neighborhood, but I was rich in the experiences that earned me an acceptance letter to the University of Notre Dame where I got the foundation I needed to go to medical school. It is Buffalo, however, where I got the foundation I needed for life.
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Harold Freeman had big plans after he finished his residency at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 1968. He planned to cut cancer out of Harlem.
Black History MonthCancer History ProjectConversation with The Cancer LetterFree
The Cancer History Project Guest Editor Robert Winn focused on the legacy of LaSalle Leffall, a Howard University surgical oncologist. He and John H. Stewart, director of Louisiana State University-Louisiana Children’s Medical Center Health Cancer Center spoke with Wayne A.I. Frederick, president of Howard University.
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Racial and ethnic inequities are pervasive in clinical research—from the systemic factors that deter underrepresented populations from pursuing careers in science and medicine, to the discrimination, lack of support, and other hardships faced by those who do enter the biomedical profession.