Otis W. Brawley
Otis W. Brawley, MD, MACP, FASCO, FACE

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Oncology and Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University

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Cancer History ProjectFree
First published in 1977, Cancer Crusade: The Story of the National Cancer Act of 1971, is a dispassionate legislative history—a book you can trust.
Cancer History ProjectFree
“A document in perspective” is a new feature of the Cancer History Project.The objective is to take a noteworthy document—be it prescient or naive—and illuminate it by placing it in proper historical and scientific context.
Emil J Freireich was a big man in stature, with a booming voice. He was one of the last of the 60 original members of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
In a succession of high-powered day jobs, Joseph V. Simone shaped modern oncology. Then, presumably at night, Joe did a little writing. “Simone's Maxims” is his chef-d'œuvre.
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Historical documents have a way of vanishing. Manuscripts, letters, and photographs end up in city dumps. Memories become less granular, insight is lost. The documents that do get preserved often require a trip to the archives.