publication date: Dec. 28, 2018

The 25 most-read stories in The Cancer Letter in 2018

We thought you might want to see what your colleagues in oncology have been reading. So, we went through our analytics to bring you a list of 25 of The Cancer Letter’s most-read stories of 2018.

Our stories routinely run for 5,000 words or longer, and it’s heartening that in an era that tends to favor abbreviation, you want us to dig deep.

In 2018, we enhanced our coverage of clinical issues, adding the Trials and Tribulations column and wrapping The Clinical Cancer Letter into The Cancer Letter.

We invited opinion pieces, often giving them prominent play:

Steven Rosenberg, chief of the NCI Surgery Branch, wrote an editorial on obstacles to development of immunotherapy.

A Trials and Tribulations piece by Mark Ratain et al. (No. 2 on the list) focused on proposed changes in marketing of ibrutinib. The editorial had gravitas–and its impact was immediate.

Kadija Ferryman’s and Robert A. Winn’s editorial warned about the dystopian potential of artificial intelligence to exacerbate disparities.

Mark Burkard’s Trials and Tribulations column about studying “extreme survivors” in breast cancer, too, was an eye-opener.

Fame, infamy and social media matter. To wit, stories about Sacha Baron Cohen and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s ousted Chief Medical Officer … Continue reading The 25 most-read stories in The Cancer Letter in 2018

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