Cancer centers, Genentech launch oncology clinical trial diversity alliance

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A group of cancer centers is collaborating with Genentech on a clinical trial diversity, launching the Advancing Inclusive Research Site Alliance. 

Founding partners are City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mays Cancer Center, O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and West Cancer Center.

This coalition of clinical research sites will partner with Genentech to advance the representation of diverse patient populations in the company’s oncology clinical trials, test recruitment and retention approaches, and establish best practices that can be leveraged across the industry to help achieve health equity for people with cancer.

Each of the centers will focus on enabling the participation of historically underrepresented patient groups in Genentech’s oncology trials, working collaboratively to share key learnings and explore innovative ways of increasing clinical trial access for every patient who might benefit. 

The alliance also plans to expand to more research centers and additional disease areas in the near future, with the ultimate goal of building a robust and sustainable clinical research ecosystem that actively includes diverse patient groups.

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