Roswell Park’s NCI designation renewed

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NCI has renewed Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s status as one of 50 Comprehensive Cancer Centers and awarded a $22.5 million Cancer Center Support Grant to fund core research and education programs.

This is the largest award of this type and highest application score in Roswell Park’s history.

“This is the most coveted and competitive distinction in cancer, and our team has once again demonstrated that we can serve our community in a way no one else can,” said Candace S. Johnson, Roswell Park president and CEO, in a statement.

“Roswell Park has strong basic science in many areas, an outstanding center director, and exceptional facilities,” the peer reviewers wrote in assessing Roswell Park’s application. “Roswell Park is an important regional and national resource for cancer research and care. Under the strong leadership of Johnson, and with the continued commitment of the Institution, Roswell Park is poised to continue its solid upward trajectory.”

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Proven curative regimens containing platinum-based drugs—cisplatin and carboplatin—have become largely unavailable because of a nationwide drug shortage. The institutions that have some supplies of cisplatin and carboplatin are setting up algorithms for rationing their dwindling stocks, which usually means giving top priority to patients treated with curative intent and denying standard-of-care treatment to patients who cannot be cured but who can still benefit from these drugs.