Leal Health establishes proprietary platform for oncologists to obtain personalized clinical trial matches for patients

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Leal, formerly known as Trialjectory, has established a proprietary platform for oncologists to quickly identify personalized clinical trial matches for their patients, reducing reliance on unstructured data and expediting patient treatment identification / clinical trial enrollment. The platform is free for oncologists. 

Leal is an AI-powered decision support platform that aims to democratize patient access to advanced cancer treatments. Its goal is to allow the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to execute patient-centric clinical trials

Leveraging AI, Leal’s technology identifies relevant and available clinical trial options for oncologists to present to their patients. It also allows oncologists to customize clinical trial searches through specifying cancer subtypes, biomarkers. and other criteria.

“Traditionally, oncologists have relied on either the major academic centers in the U.S. or on ClinicalTrials.gov to identify potential studies for cancer patient enrollment,” Leonard Lichtenfeld, Leal advisor and former Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at the American Cancer Society, said in a statement. “The problem is that these large research hospitals, while highly reputable, do not always have clinical trials that work best for a patient’s unique medical and personal needs. Furthermore, community oncologists, who play a crucial role in providing care in communities where specialized cancer centers are less accessible, often do not have relationships with the major centers.”

Leal is the largest AI pre-screening platform for clinical trials. Leal says it has facilitated more than 4 million treatment matches, with approximately 20,000 clinical trials and 150,000 cancer patients on its platform. Leal supports over 22 cancer types, covering 95 percent of cancers.

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