Avi Srivastava named assistant professor at Wistar

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Avi Srivastava was named assistant professor in the Gene Expression and Regulation Program at the Ellen and Ronald Caplan Cancer Center at The Wistar Institute.

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The Wistar Institute, the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center, and the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute formed a collaboration to accelerate the advancement of “bench to bedside” biomedical research discoveries in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware by collectively supporting the seeding, launching, and maturation of life science startups.
In a research paper published in PLOS ONE, Dario C. Altieri, president and chief executive officer, director of the Ellen and Ronald Caplan Cancer Center, and the Robert and Penny Fox Distinguished Professor at The Wistar Institute, alongside national and international collaborators, distinguish a specific gene signature indicative of mitochondrial reprogramming in tumors that correlates with poor patient outcome.