Karmanos wins federal grant renewal for membership in Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium

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The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute has competed and been selected by scientific peers for a four-year grant renewal from the Department of Defense to continue membership in the prestigious Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium program.

Elisabeth Heath will direct Karmanos’ involvement in the consortium. Heath is leader of the Genitourinary Oncology Multidisciplinary Team, associate center director of Translational Sciences, and the Patricia C. and E. Jan Hartmann Endowed Chair for Prostate Cancer Research at Karmanos and Wayne State University School of Medicine.

The Prostate Cancer Clinical Consortium Award is a peer-reviewed, competitive grant. Peers include scientific researchers at universities and cancer centers across the nation. This year, only seven sites were funded, down from 11 sites in 2013.

Karmanos has been part of the consortium since 2008. The budget amount for the new four-year grant is $1.2 million. Heath’s co-principal investigator is Ulka Vaishampayan, director of the Eisenberg Center for Translational Therapeutics and co-investigators are Isaac Powell, and Lance Heilbrun, of Karmanos and WSU SOM.


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