NCI braces for funding cuts, shutdown

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With just days left before the end of September, and with it, the end of fiscal year 2023, NCI officials are preparing for rough times, both in the short term and long term:

The 10-year streak of budgetary increases for the institute since the sequestration cuts in 2013 is likely to end in FY24. Absent an increase in federal funding, the cancer research enterprise is likely to slow down in fiscal year 2024.More ominously yet, the federal government appears to barrel toward shutting down. The House of Representatives has gone into recess Sept. 21, after Republican leaders failed to garner the votes needed to advance an $886 billion defense appropriations bill.

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Matthew Bin Han Ong
Associate Editor


Worta McCaskill-Stevens, MD, a medical oncologist, former director of the NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP), and a tireless champion of addressing cancer disparities, passed away peacefully on Nov. 15. We share our deep condolences with her family, friends, colleagues, and those she impacted in her accomplished and inspirational career.
The Translational Genomics Research Institute, part of City of Hope, established a fellowship in glioblastoma multiforme research. The Lori Lane/Andrew Spyrow Fellowship honors the lives of Lori Lane and Andrew Spyrow who fought GBM bravely, teaching all of us to experience the joy of life and dedicating their journey to the advancement of treatment improving the quality and longevity of life for those facing this devastating cancer.
Matthew Bin Han Ong
Associate Editor