publication date: Nov. 9, 2018

Otis Brawley leaves the American Cancer Society as it pursues “open-for-business” strategy amid sliding revenues

By Paul Goldberg

If you walked into your local Long John Silver’s restaurant on Sept. 19 and attempted to “talk like a pirate,” the person behind the counter would give you a free deep-fried Twinkie and prompt you to count out a few coins for the American Cancer Society.

But if you called said American Cancer Society after Nov. 2 and asked to talk with Otis Brawley, its well-respected and oft-quoted chief medical and scientific officer, you would learn that he has set sail for parts unknown.

Is there a connection between these two data points?

The New York Times reports that there is.

Citing sundry unnamed sources, the Times said that Brawley quit over ACS forging partnerships he couldn’t defend as an advocate of public health.

In addition to sanctioning Long John Silver’s celebration of piracy and caloric intake, ACS has allowed its iconic shield to be displayed by a sports bar chain called Tilted Kilt as well as the dietary supplements marketer Herbalife.

In the past, chief medical officers left ACS quietly, and it seems that Brawley, too, wasn’t seeking attention as he closed the door.

“I was a bit surprised about the story myself,” Brawley said to The Cancer Letter. “I should just say that there are a number of people at the American Cancer Society whom I respect and hold dear, and I wish them well as I start a new phase of my career.”

Brawley agreed to talk on the condition that his … Continue reading Otis Brawley leaves the American Cancer Society as it pursues “open-for-business” strategy amid sliding revenues

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