publication date: Apr. 1, 2016

Singer, Kibbe Named Acting NCI Deputy Directors 


DINAH SINGER and WARREN KIBBE were named acting deputy directors of NCI.

Singer serves as the director of the NCI Division of Cancer Biology and head of the Molecular Regulation Section of the Experimental Immunology Branch. Kibbe is the director of the NCI Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology.

“Dinah Singer is going to have major responsibility for coordinating the proposals, etc., with the blue ribbon panel and setting up other aspects of the vice president’s initiative,” Lowy said at a virtual meeting of the NCAB. “Warren has been an absolutely key member down at the White House meetings and elsewhere. We think his expertise and commitment are second to none in this area,” he continued.

Singer has served as the director of the Division of Cancer Biology since 1999. She serves on a number of scientific and advisory boards, is a member of the American Association of Immunologists and the American Association of Cancer Researchers, and has served as a senior science officer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Singer’s research is focused on the regulatory networks governing transcription and the interplay of promoter elements and transcription complexes that establish appropriate regulation of gene expression across diverse cellular and tissue environments.

In recent studies, Singer and her team discovered that BRD4, a bromodomain family member currently being tested as a therapeutic target in cancer and autoimmune diseases, is a RNA polymerase II kinase essential for transcription. Studies demonstrated that BRD4 plays a critical role in regulating the … Continue reading 42-13 Singer, Kibbe Named Acting NCI Deputy Directors

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