publication date: Jan. 17, 2020

Turman named president of ACT for NIH, group credited with boosting research funding

By Paul Goldberg

Richard Turman was named president on ACT for NIH, a Washington group that has played a key role in increasing federal appropriations for biomedical research over the past six years.

Turman, a veteran of multiple leadership positions that involve NIH budgets and advocacy, succeeds Patrick White, also a seasoned Washington hand, who ran the organization since its inception. White is stepping away from the group’s day-to-day operations to become an advisor.

ACT for NIH was founded by Jed Manocherian, a real estate investor and developer.

“I’m excited to again advocate for significant NIH funding increases, since it holds such promise for improving human health,” Turman said to The Cancer Letter.  “ACT for NIH, through Jed and Pat’s visionary leadership and relentless efforts, has been incredibly effective, and I’m committed to doing everything I can to keep up the momentum for investments in the future health of the American people.”

Though ACT for NIH generally keeps a low profile, Manocherian, its chairman, recently made a case for another doubling of the NIH budget.

“This is the greatest time in history for scientific discovery,” Manocherian wrote in a guest editorial in The Cancer Letter (Feb. 15, 2019). “Transformative cures are within our grasp—triumphs of human ingenuity that will save millions of lives and vanquish afflictions that have vexed us for centuries.

“Even with historic increases to the NIH budget in the past four years, funding levels are not even close to adequate to capitalize on all of today’s great scientific opportunities,” Manocherian wrote. “We are delaying and discarding … Continue reading Turman named president of ACT for NIH, group credited with boosting research funding

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