publication date: Oct. 25, 2019

NCI to extend Cancer Center Support Grant period to seven years for qualifying cancer centers

By Matthew Bin Han Ong

NCI-designated cancer centers will soon be able to extend their Cancer Center Support Grant award period from five years to seven years, depending on merit at peer review, sustained exceptional progress, stability, and longevity of the cancer center.

The extension—a continuation of the active grant at the same funding level—will become available for cancer centers with stable leadership and at least 15 years of CCSG funding. NCI officials said they expect the extension would enable cancer centers to engage in more long-range planning and pursue high-risk research.

Other changes that apply to all cancer centers include:

Centers would be required to demonstrate that their academic institutions place the cancer center above departments on their organizational charts, and

A more detailed guide to describing the Community and Engagement component of the CCSG application.

The plan to revise the terms of CCSGs was announced Oct. 22 in Washington, D.C., at the 2019 annual meeting of the Association of American Cancer Institutes and the Cancer Center Administrators Forum.

“So, I just want to get a sense of the room,” Henry Ciolino, director of NCI’s Office of Cancer Centers said to attendees. “How many people here are in favor of seven-year CCSGs?”

As hands went up in swift unanimity, the ballroom burst into laughter.

“Okay, how many people are opposed?” Ciolino said, as he raised his hand, scanning the room for those who agree. No one seemed to.

“Well, some votes are worth more than others,” he quipped.

NCI leaders anticipate that cancer centers could … Continue reading NCI to extend Cancer Center Support Grant period to seven years for qualifying cancer centers

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