publication date: Jun. 29, 2018

NCI Director’s Report

What NCI did with the money: Sharpless boosts funding for RPGs, centers, SPOREs, NCTN, and NCORP

By Matthew Bin Han Ong

In addition to a $147 million increase to the Research Project Grant pool, NCI has added $60 million to targeted research opportunities and a $20 million increase for centers and SPOREs, and $10 million for the National Clinical Trials Network and the NCI Community Oncology Research Program.

The institute received a $275 million increase over fiscal 2017 levels, bringing NCI’s enacted 2018 budget to $5.66 billion. Of the new funds, NCI leadership invested over half into the RPG pool.

“You can see that there was about almost a $40 million increase in taps, benefits, and salaries,” NCI Director Ned Sharpless said at the June 26 joint meeting of the National Cancer Advisory Board and the Board of Scienific Advisors. “These are things that the NCI has to experience. There’s an increase to our [Small Business Innovation Research program] funding, it’s a fixed grade of our external budget.”

NCI stands to receive an additional $190 million in FY19—out of a $2 billion increase for NIH—if the latest version of the Senate appropriations bill for Labor-HHS is enacted.

Over 20 percent of NCI’s FY18 increase was allocated to specific research opportunities. These include:

Genomic Profiling of Lung Cancer in Never Smokers in General and Special Populations

The Cancer Imaging Archive

Data Integration and Analysis for APOLLO

Glioblastoma Research Pilot Project

New Onset Diabetes Cohort Biorepository

Cancer Research Education Grants to Promote Diversity (R25s)

“This is about a fifth of the entire list,” Sharpless said at the meeting. … Continue reading What NCI did with the money: Sharpless boosts funding for RPGs, centers, SPOREs, NCTN, and NCORP

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