publication date: Nov. 3, 2017

Conversation with the Cancer Letter Peter Pisters reflects on the upcoming challenge: leading MD Anderson

With a month to go before his Dec. 1 start date as president of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Peter Pisters reflected on the challenges that await him in Houston.

In a conversation with Paul Goldberg, editor and publisher of The Cancer Letter, Pisters, who is winding down his duties as president and CEO of University Health Network of Toronto, discussed his assessment of the state of MD Anderson today and his strategy for shaping its future.

The questions posed to him included the following:

Is the morale of MD Anderson faculty continuing to recover?

Is the institution’s cost structure sustainable?

Will additional cost-cutting measures be required?

Can a case be made that MD Anderson provides greater value than institutions that may charge less?

Will MD Anderson’s Moon Shots Program continue?

What about the institution’s drug discovery program?

Will the MD Anderson network be altered?

Is it fair to say that MD Anderson needs to decide whether it’s a research institution that also takes care of patients or a patient care institution that also performs research?

What does the turnover among directors the nation’s top cancer centers over the past 12 months say about … Continue reading Peter Pisters reflects on the upcoming challenge: leading MD Anderson

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