publication date: Sep. 29, 2017

Peter Pisters hits the right notes in town hall meeting at MD Anderson

By Paul Goldberg

Returning to Houston for a town hall meeting at MD Anderson on Sept. 27, Peter Pisters, the institution’s freshly-appointed president, hit every note a guy in his position needed to hit: baseball, football, shared values, shared governance, book clubs, reminiscences on growing up nerdy in Canada, the story of how he met his wife, anecdotes from taking care of MD Anderson patients during Hurricane Rita.

He brought with him a decades-old Grundig radio he used while taking care of MD Anderson patients during the 2005 Hurricane Rita, pictures of cute children and adorable dogs, but no notes—the talk just flowed, flawlessly, organically.

With talks like that, the end is bigger than the beginning, because that’s the place where the adrenaline peaks, the place where you know whether a standing ovation will happen:

“When you look at the Astros, who built a World Series team, you have to recognize, reward, and understand the roles of different players. And when you look at the pitcher—often left-handed, throws 98 miles-an-hour. Look at the catcher—has good knees, is quite stocky and can block balls.

“When you look at the shortstop—has good range and a pretty good arm. Look at the first baseman—is taller than most others, and can really stretch, often left-handed. Look at the center-fielder—has … Continue reading Peter Pisters hits the right notes in town hall meeting at MD Anderson

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