publication date: Jun. 23, 2017

In Brief

CancerCare establishes Patient Values Initiative

CancerCare has established the CancerCare Patient Values Initiative, a multi-pronged effort with an aim to reframe the national healthcare policy dialogue to include issues important to patients and their families.

As the first step of this project, CancerCare has released a white paper titled “The Many Voices of Value: A CancerCare Focus Group Assessment.” These initial research findings support the hypothesis that resources are needed to help patients articulate and providers solicit and understand patient priorities and preferences during treatment decision-making, before treatment begins.

In today’s environment, when patients and providers discuss cancer treatment options, cost has joined safety, efficacy and evidence as factors to be considered. New decision-support tools, including value frameworks, guidelines and pathways, are being developed and used to support oncologists in evaluating treatment options with patients.

However, most of these tools are shaped through the eyes of payers and providers, and do not include factors that patients and families may view as vitally important or priorities.

“In order to drive meaningful change in the care of cancer patients and families, we must incorporate patients’ priorities and values into the treatment decision-making process,” said Patricia Goldsmith, chief executive officer, CancerCare. “Only by understanding what is important to patients, can we truly deliver patient-centered care and shape future healthcare policies that align with patients’ needs and preferences.”

The Patient Values Initiative builds on a foundation of pertinent research conducted for the CancerCare 2016 Patient Access and Engagement Report, to understand the true ‘costs’ – physical, practical, financial, emotional, etc. – of the cancer experience for patients and families nationwide.

This first white paper summarizes the findings from a … Continue reading CancerCare establishes Patient Values Initiative

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