publication date: Apr. 21, 2017

NCCN survey:  AHCA would impede overall access to cancer treatment

The American Health Care Act would have a negative impact on affordability and patient access to cancer screening and treatment, according to a survey conducted by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

Although the Trump administration and congressional Republican leaders failed to garner sufficient support to pass the AHCA, concerns about access to cancer screening, care, and research funding remain, said Robert Carlson, CEO of NCCN.

“Today, patients are in limbo, not knowing what action the federal and state governments will take,” Carlson said in a statement April 19. “NCCN agrees there are ways to improve the current health care system for Americans with cancer, the clinical professionals who care for them, and payers.

“However, we are concerned for Americans with cancer that affordability, coverage of products and services in cancer treatment, and overall access will be impeded by allowing health insurers to set their own rates, or by providing states the ability to experiment with Medicaid coverage, without appropriate patient protections.”

The survey was conducted during the period of congressional debate over the AHCA, which was withdrawn the afternoon of March 24 when it became clear there were not enough votes to pass the legislation. Responding to the survey were 76 oncology professionals, including physicians, academic and … Continue reading NCCN survey: AHCA would impede overall access to cancer treatment

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