publication date: Feb. 3, 2017

Soon-Shiong’s journey from “Rocket Ship” to “MoonShot”—with lots of confusion

The MD Anderson complaint against Patrick Soon-Shiong and his business entities, filed Nov. 30, 2016, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, argues that the controversial billionaire’s use of the moonshot trademark created confusion that affected both MD Anderson and the White House initiative headed by then Vice President Joe Biden.

The complaint states that Soon-Shiong learned about the MD Anderson program when that institution’s president, Ronald DePinho, paid him a visit in an effort to raise money.

The full 29-page document is posted here. An excerpt follows:

In 2013, a group from MD Anderson, including Dr. DePinho, personally presented the underpinnings of the initiative to billionaire entrepreneur and surgeon Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong seeking funding and collaboration for MD Anderson’s efforts.

At the time, Soon-Shiong was using the term “Rocket Ship” for his plan of treating cancer, about a year after MD Anderson had widely publicized its Moon Shots initiative (of which Soon-Shiong was undoubtedly aware).

Soon-Shiong initially proposed to help fund various cancer initiatives throughout the country, including in response to an MD Anderson proposal where some funds would be used to support its Moon Shots initiative.

Soon-Shiong did not follow through on … Continue reading Soon-Shiong’s journey from “Rocket Ship” to “MoonShot”—with lots of confusion

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