publication date: Nov. 11, 2016

Fred Hutchinson Opens Cellular Immunotherapy Clinic

By Matthew Bin Han Ong

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has opened a first-of-its-kind clinic focused on cellular-based immunotherapies for cancer patients in clinical trials.

The Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic will allow researchers to conduct twice as many immunotherapy trials in the next year in pursuit of speeding cures for cancer, officials said.

“The clinic will be providing an environment to study and deliver cellular based cancer treatments, ranging from early phase research clinical trials to FDA approved approaches,” said David Maloney, medical director of the clinic, medical director of cellular immunotherapy at Fred Hutchinson, and the Leonard and Norma Klorfine Endowed Chair for Clinical Research. “The focus is on cell based trials, but could certainly include combination studies with other agents such as approved or investigational check point inhibitor antibodies or other agents.

“The center already has broad based approaches with these non-T cell based treatments using FDA approved agents in many of the disease specific clinics,” Maloney said to The Cancer Letter. “We would anticipate that this clinic will also deliver cellular based treatments that are likely to be approved in the future.”

Patients will be able to receive the center’s novel immunotherapies for cancer at roughly double the capacity that existed before the 9,222-square-foot clinic opened, officials said.

Intensive monitoring in the facility will enable researchers to better understand why some patients … Continue reading Fred Hutchinson Opens Cellular Immunotherapy Clinic

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