publication date: Jul. 2, 2015

How NCI Will Spend New Money (If it Comes) 

Is new money on the way to NCI? It’s certainly been promised in President Obama’s budget proposal and in the appropriations bills gestating in the House and Senate.

Those who seek logic in history will read much into timing:

After a decade of flat funding, decreases and inflationary erosion, the purchasing power of the NIH budget is where it was the year the doubling began in 1999.

Yet, a cycle this is not. The institute’s 1999 message was “Give us the money and we will use it wisely, because we are the best.”

In 2015, a leaner, more focused NCI is delivering the more compelling message: “Give us the money and we will give you the cutting edge of precision medicine.”

At the joint meeting of the National Cancer Advisory Board and the Board of Scientific Advisor—the first for the institute’s acting director, Douglas Lowy, in his new role—focused on the hopeful scenarios that new money could buy:

• Expansion of the new generation of clinical trials that may make NCI the focal point of clinical investigations in precision medicine (The Cancer Letter, June 5).

• Expansion of ongoing clinical trials—adding early detection and prevention trials based on precision medicine.

• More money going to core grants of the cancer centers, raising total spending from the … Continue reading 41-26 How NCI Will Spend New Money (If it Comes)

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