publication date: Jun. 5, 2015

Doroshow: NCI-MATCH is an Example of What Smart Public-Private Partnerships Can Do


The NCI-MATCH phase II study is intended to allow the institute and its clinical trials groups catapult to the premier role in cancer research.

In a conversation with The Cancer Letter, James Doroshow, director of the NCI Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis, said NCI-MATCH established the institute as a trusted party in a complex, multi-agent trial intended to produce leads for government-funded investigators and pharma companies would be able to follow.

On the public side, NCI-MATCH provides an example of what NCI will be able to do with the $70 million proposed under President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative. New NCI funding is included in the White House budget proposal for 2016, but it’s up to Congress to appropriate these funds.

“If Congress appropriates the $70 million to NCI as proposed in the president’s Precision Medicine Initiative, we would allocate those resources for pursuing additional research based on patient responses to the therapies used in the trial,” Doroshow said to The Cancer Letter. “Under the president’s initiative, if funded, we hope to use early signals from NCI-MATCH to direct new trials, and develop other precision medicine priorities under an initiative we are calling NCI-MATCH+.”

NCI-MATCH has generated considerable excitement in the pharma industry, Doroshow said.

Pharma companies have “shown an ongoing, strong interest in the subsequent studies that could be conducted under NCI-MATCH+, and of course, it’s through their involvement that we’ll see better treatments for patients,” Doroshow … Continue reading 41-22 Doroshow: NCI-MATCH is an Example of What Smart Public-Private Partnerships Can Do

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