publication date: May. 15, 2015

Study: Discrepancy in Definition Of “Value” in Cancer Care 


The “value” of cancer care may be interpreted differently among health care stakeholders, according to a study by the Cancer Support Community, an international nonprofit.

The study, “Defining Value in Oncology: Perspectives from Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer,” asked 769 patients to define value, based on their cancer experience.

The study specifically looked at people with metastatic breast cancer who were members of the Cancer Experience Registry, an online initiative to capture and understand the experiences of those impacted by cancer.

CSC said the goal of the project was to better understand how patients define value so that the cancer community can identify strategies to bridge gaps between health care policy and practice to meet patient needs.

According to the Institute of Medicine, value is the “best care at lower cost.”

Nearly 40 percent of respondents defined value in terms of a “personal value.” For instance, one patient defined the term as, “Information and appropriate communication of that information at the right time and right place.” Another patient defined it as, “Whatever is going to give me integrity.”

On the other hand, 7.41 percent of patients defined value in terms of an “exchange value.” For example, one patient said, “Value in cancer treatment is getting the best options at the lowest cost, presented to you in a manner that is easily comprehended.”

Of the patients with a health-specific, exchange value response, 76 percent described treatment benefit as being engaged by or feeling close to their health care … Continue reading 41-19 Study: Discrepancy in Definition Of “Value” in Cancer Care

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