publication date: May. 8, 2015

A Doctor’s Plan to Save Personalized Medicine 


Dane Dickson would like to change the U.S. system for validation and coverage of molecular tests, thereby opening the road to development of complex tests and comprehensive genomic assays.

Recently, Dickson formed a nonprofit public-private partnership, called MED-C and published a white paper, which is posted here.

In an interview with Paul Goldberg, editor and publisher of The Cancer Letter, Dickson described his rationale for trying a new approach to solving this fundamental problem in personalized medicine.

Paul Goldberg: I hear you stepped down from MolDX, where you were the director of clinical science, last week. Why?

Dane Dickson: When I started working with the Medicare program a few years ago, first with Noridian [Healthcare Solutions] and then with Palmetto [GBA], it was because of a great desire to help advance patient care, protect the Medicare program, and yet also advance the science that was on the horizon.

While working at MolDX, I could see a very disturbing trend, namely the end of personalized medicine before it could ever get started.

I saw new technology with great promise, but very little direct application to patients. I saw the exit of venture capital due to the unknown, and often labs couldn’t find funding to finish the science they started. I also saw that the incredible savings that could be obtained from stopping ineffective treatments were also likely to … Continue reading 41-18 A Doctor’s Plan to Save Personalized Medicine

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