publication date: Oct. 3, 2014

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Gonzalez-Angulo to Serve 10 Years in Poisoning Case

Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, a 43-year-old oncologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for poisoning her lover and colleague George Blumenschein.

The sentence, issued Sept. 29, makes Gonzalez-Angulo ineligible for probation, but under Texas law, she will be eligible for parole in 5 years.

A jury at the Harris County 248th District Court found Gonzalez-Angulo guilty of aggravated assault Sept. 26, a charge that could have landed her in prison for 99 years. Blumenschein remains employed by MD Anderson.

At the press conference following the trial, Gonzalez-Angulo’s lawyers said they would appeal, and expressed disappointment in the severity of the verdict and penalty.

Other than cross-examining the 22 prosecution witnesses and making their opening and closing arguments, Gonzalez-Angulo’s lawyers did not present any witnesses, presumably relying instead on the hope that the jury would believe the prosecution had not made its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

During the jury’s deliberation on the penalty, a former colleague said Gonzalez-Angulo knew that ethylene glycol was used in Blumenschein’s poisoning before his doctors did.

According to testimony, Gonzalez-Angulo also said she hired bodyguards, claimed that she was attacked outside her home some six weeks before the poisoning occurred, and claimed to have had people killed in her native Colombia.

“You can’t fix evil,” said Assistant District Attorney Justin Keiter in his closing statements, alluding to Gonzalez-Angulo’s premeditated assault.

Blumenschein reportedly lost nearly 60 percent of his renal function in the incident, reducing his life expectancy, and severely … Continue reading 40-37 Gonzalez-Angulo To Serve 10 Years In Poisoning Case

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