publication date: Aug. 8, 2014

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Caris Officials Respond to Questions from The Cancer Letter

The Cancer Letter submitted seven questions to Caris Life Sciences regarding their suite of molecular diagnostic tests, following a conversation with Daniel Hayes (See p. 1), a breast cancer expert at the University of Michigan and who served on an Institute of Medicine committee that recently issued a report on omics testing.

Questions focused on the costs of the tests, who pays for them, and how much of the information they provide is actionable.

Caris is currently involved in lawsuit brought against them by two former employees, who allege that the company violated the federal anti-kickback statute by waiving fees to induce referrals to federal healthcare programs. Caris denies the allegations, and has described the action as a “nuisance lawsuit.”

1.) What is the price of the Caris panel of tests?

We bill on a marker by marker basis based upon the profiling panel requested by the physician and the analytical technology used. This varies by physician and by type of cancer. Ultimately, it is the physician(s) treating the patient that decides which test to order. In common with other companies offering molecular profiling services, the Caris Molecular Intelligence™ (CMI) service is not yet profitable but we are confident that as the value of molecular profiling gains increasing recognition in the clinical oncology community this service will become financially viable.

2.) Do all of Medicare contractors pay for CMI? If not, how many?

As outlined in #1 above, we bill on a marker by marker basis and this provides the context to which we receive … Continue reading 40-32 Caris Officials Respond to Questions from The Cancer Letter

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