publication date: Apr. 18, 2014


Conversation with The Cancer Letter
Youle: ACS Stance on Tobacco Sales is Clear

The American Cancer Society prefers to avoid public confrontation with corporate donors, even those who make money by selling tobacco products.

“We have come to the conclusion that in the case of Walgreens, CVS, and other business partners, the best strategy is to work with them rather than against them,” said Robert Youle, vice chair of the board of the American Cancer Society and an attorney with the Denver firm Sherman & Howard.

Youle described the society’s controversial policy in a conversation with Paul Goldberg, editor and publisher of The Cancer Letter.

Paul Goldberg:
What do you think about the principal point that Peter Bach makes in his piece in The New York Times, which the cordial and financial relationship between the ACS and Walgreens is making the society pull its punches on the issue of tobacco sales by the retailer?

Robert Youle: Well, I guess the first thing I would say is, I personally and we at the ACS, don’t see this as some sort of personal conflict between the ACS and Dr. Bach.

I mean, we respect what he and the folks at Memorial Sloan-Kettering are doing, and we respect his opinion, as expressed in The New York Times piece, although we obviously don’t necessarily agree with it.

What I would say is that, and I would assume Dr. Bach would agree with this, is that ACS has been the leader at the forefront of the fight against … Continue reading 40-16 Conversation with The Cancer Letter

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