H. Lee Moffitt, and 11 years of NCCS Networker archives

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Whom was your cancer center named after?

Video: Resolve Fuels H. Lee Moffitt’s Noble Quest
By Moffitt Cancer Center | April 14, 2021

“I decided that one of the things I wanted to accomplish in the Legislature was to see if we could create a cancer center in Florida that would be as good as any cancer center in the United States so that Floridians would not have to go outside the state. I felt that it would be a noble quest to create what I hoped would ultimately become an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center in Florida.” 

– H. Lee Moffitt

NCCS Networker archives

The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship has provided the Cancer History Project with a rich archive of its newsletters: the NCCS Networker, volumes 1-11. Below are some highlights:

NCCS Networker Volume 1 Issue 1, March 1987
The birth of NCCS.

NCCS Networker Volume 2 Issue 3, Summer 1988
Photos from the first Survivors Day.

NCCS Networker Volume 8 Issue 4, Winter 1994
Excerpts from Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s keynote address.

NCCS Networker Volume 9 Issue 4, Winter 1995
Hillary Rodham Clinton signs the Ribbon of Hope.

NCCS Networker Volume 10 Issue 3, Winter 1996
President Clinton signs NCCS Ribbon of Hope.

Visit the full archive.

Recent contributions

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National Advisory Cancer Council Minutes of Meeting March 8-9, 1971
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Administration of Contracts and Grants for Cancer Research. NIH, DHEW. B-164031(2)
By NCI | April 10, 2021

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John A. Ellerton, the principal investigator of the Nevada Cancer Research Foundation NCI Community Oncology Research Program, has won the 2021 Harry Hynes Award. The award is given annually to NCORP PIs for outstanding contribution to clinical trials and community research. In 1983, Ellerton’s group, then called the Southern Nevada Research Foundation, was among the...

From 1992 to 2008, Ellen Stovall was the president and CEO of NCCS, the oldest survivor-led organization advocating for quality cancer care for all Americans. This video, filmed and produced in 2008, features interviews from NCCS co-founders Dr. Patti Ganz and Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan, Dr. Julia Rowland, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, the late General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, and others.