Richard L. Schilsky
Richard L. Schilsky, MD, FACP, FSCT, FASCO

Professor emeritus, University of Chicago; Former chief medical officer and executive vice president, American Society of Clinical Oncology; Former chair, Cancer and Leukemia Group B

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Guest Editorial
I read with interest the recently published story on the recommendations to streamline data collection in certain NCI trials presented at the Nov. 9, 2022, meeting of the Clinical and Translational Research Committee (The Cancer Letter, Nov. 11, 2022).
COVID-19 & CancerFreeGuest Editorial
The year 2020 will no doubt be recorded as one of the most tumultuous in our nation’s, if not the world’s, history.
COVID-19 & CancerFreeGuest Editorial
As clinicians in a medical specialty that relies on evidence to guide treatment plans for individuals with cancer, we face an unfortunate dearth of data to help steer us during the coronavirus pandemic.
COVID-19 & CancerFreeGuest Editorial
The worldwide spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) presents unprecedented challenges to the cancer care delivery system.