Mikkael A. Sekeres

Mikkael A. Sekeres, MD, MS

Chief, Division of Hematology and Professor of Medicine, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Miami, Author of Drugs and the FDA: Safety, Efficacy, and the Public’s Trust (MIT Press)

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Book Review
E. Donnall Thomas, the Nobel Prize-winning pioneer of bone marrow transplantation, liked to make the point that his life spanned the period of time from when physicians like his own father still made house calls in a horse and buggy, to when T-cells were genetically engineered to be used therapeutically.
Guest Editorial
Over and over again, I’ve seen the same missteps, clumsy excuses, and faulty logic during sponsor presentations to the FDA Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee, repeated as if part of a tragic, regulatory update to the movie Groundhog Day.