Jonathan Chernoff

Jonathan Chernoff, MD, PhD

Director, Stanley P. Reimann Chair in Oncology Research, Fox Chase Cancer Center

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The scene opens with a group of four musicians sitting on couches around a table in a studio. One of them is strumming aimlessly on his guitar, trying out various chords in sequences. Some of it sounds okay, even pleasant; other parts don’t work and are discarded. 
Cancer History ProjectFreeGuest Editorial
The Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) was and is a hotbed for basic and translational discovery. Initially a standalone institute, the ICR is currently the main science engine for the Fox Chase Cancer Center.

On Jan. 3, 2022, a few weeks shy of her 101st birthday, my friend, colleague, and mentor Beatrice Mintz passed away after a long illness. Following a brief period at the University of Chicago, at age 40 she joined the Institute for Cancer Research at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.  She went on...