James L. Abbruzzese
James L. Abbruzzese

Duke Cancer Institute Distinguished Professor of Medical Oncology, chief, Division of Medical Oncology, associate director for clinical research, Duke Cancer Institute; former chair of GI Medical Oncology, Waun Ki Hong Distinguished Professor of Translational Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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FreeGuest Editorial
Waun Ki Hong and John Mendelsohn were singular forces who combined to change the world of oncology and, in the process, the lives of countless trainees, faculty, patients, and families.
Guest Editorial
On Jan. 2, my friend and long-time mentor Waun Ki Hong passed away. In thinking about what Ki did for me personally and the impact he had on the lives and professional careers of so many people, I pulled out a speech I gave at his retirement celebration at MD Anderson on Aug. 15, 2014. I was struck that even in his passing so many of my thoughts ring true today. Perhaps this will give readers of The Cancer Letter a sense of the man.