publication date: Jan. 25, 2017

Breast Cancer MammaPrint Substantially Impacts How Breast Cancer in Germany is Treated

Agendia Inc. has presented new prospective data demonstrating the strong impact of its 70-Gene Breast Cancer Recurrence Assay, MammaPrint, and the corresponding 80-Gene Molecular Subtyping Assay BluePrint, in clinical decision-making for patients with early-stage breast cancer in Germany.

The Prospective study to measure the Impact of MammaPrint on adjuvant treatment in hormone receptor-positive HER2-negative breast cancer patients (PRIMe) study was undertaken by the West German Study Group.

It included 452 patients from 27 centers and evaluated the impact of gene expression-based tests MammaPrint and BluePrint, compared to conventional clinico-pathological factors, in deciding whether or not patients would benefit from, and should therefore be treated with, adjuvant chemotherapy.

The results, presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference showed a 28.4% change in patients’ treatment plans, originally based on clinico-pathological factors, as a direct result of the data provided by MammaPrint and BluePrint.

Nadia Harbeck, PI of the PRIMe study, scientific director of the West German Study Group and chair for Conservative Oncology at the Department for OB&GYN of the University of Munich, Germany, said: “The discordance between conventional clinico-pathological assessment and the results of gene expression-based tests like MammaPrint is substantial. Our study demonstrated that, in Germany, physicians not only welcomed these tests but showed a strong adherence to … Continue reading CCL Jan 2017 – MammaPrint Substantially Impacts How Breast Cancer in Germany is Treated

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