publication date: Jul. 22, 2016

BSA and NCAB Approve Three Concepts

At a June 21 joint meeting, the NCI Board of Scientific Advisors and the National Cancer Advisory Board approved three concepts and deferred one:

• The Collaborative Consortia for the Study of HIV-Associated Cancer: U.S. and Low and Middle Income Country Partnerships aims to further research in HIV-related cancers.

Submitted by the Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancy, the Request for Applications expands the consortia’s ability to conduct research about cancers not found in the U.S. The new request for application was approved unanimously.

The expansion allows the consortia to study HIV-associated cancers in high incidence regions outside of Africa, particularly in Asia, where 5 million people are thought to have HIV or AIDS. About 25 million people have HIV in Africa.

Overall, the rate of infection of HIV has not decreased since the 1996 introduction of Highly Active Retroviral Therapy, or HARP, as a treatment for the disease. There are twice as many people living with HIV now than in the 1990s, which means the prevalence of HIV-associated cancers will likely increase, said Robert Yarchoan, chief of the NCI HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch.

American universities and local institutions need to collaborate, he said at the meeting.

“The days when we can swoop into a country, take a bunch of specimens, and go home and do the research are long gone,” Yarchoan said.

The consortia, previously established in a separate RFA in response to BSA recommendations about HIV and AIDS-associated cancers, funds research in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, and Malawi through local universities and research centers that are partnered with American organizations.

The $2.2 million budget funds about two to three awards … Continue reading 42-29 BSA and NCAB Approve Three Concepts

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