publication date: May. 13, 2016

Slamming the Door

Part XII: Scientists Vote with Their Feet 


In their op-ed piece, Gilman and Sharp stated what it would take to fix CPRIT’s problems. That was the polite version of the Gilman Plan.

The spoken version was more blunt: get rid of the “assholes” on the oversight board, jettison the administrators, then—maybe—CPRIT’s credibility would be restored.

Maybe the place will become functional someday, but only the oversight committee is sent packing and after the Gogolesque characters are kicked out of CPRIT’s offices in Austin. Until that occurred, an effort to rebuild would require CPRIT to turn to the scientific establishment on some other planet.

Politicians who ran CPRIT didn’t seem to understand this. They continued to act as though they were going to win the war against those intellectuals.

I knew that CPRIT operatives were trying to recruit Raymond DuBois to take over after Al Gilman. That made sense for them, but not necessarily for DuBois.

With America’s premier scientists leaving CPRIT publically, Texas politicians needed a scientist who had a national name and a reputation for integrity. I could also see why DuBois would talk with these people. He is polite.

But he had already agreed to accept a job at the BioDesign Institute at Arizona State. How would it be okay to run a Texas state funding … Continue reading 42-19 Slamming the Door Part XII: Scientists Vote with Their Feet

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