publication date: Apr. 25, 2016

BSA Approves Plan to Expand SEER Infrastructure, Funding, and Research Support Capacity


The NCI Board of Scientific Advisors approved a proposal to expand the infrastructure and capacity of the SEER program, including introducing registries designed specifically to support cancer research projects, an increase of the program’s overall budget, and moving toward a more advanced, uniform data management system.

The new structure of the surveillance program would create core registries, selected through a competition of the U.S. central cancer registries, which would then collect the most comprehensive data to be used for SEER statistics and public use.

These core registries would be the equivalent of the current SEER program, said Lynne Penberthy, associate director of the NCI Surveillance Research Program, during her presentation of the proposal to the board March 29.

“What we’re proposing is as follows: a full and open competition that will enable any central cancer registry in the U.S. to apply, from the entire pool of central cancer registries,” Penberthy said. “I’d like to point out that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a state cancer registry. It could be a group of counties that have a defined population, [or] a metropolitan region—we currently have the Detroit metropolitan region and Seattle—so it could be a different definition of a central cancer registry than you might think about.”

“From that pool of central cancer registries, we will identify the SEER expanded infrastructure. The first set of registries would be the core registries.”

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