publication date: Jul. 11, 2014

By Paul Goldberg and Will Craft

NCI took another step toward adopting a new formula for determining the size of cancer center support grants, with the National Cancer Advisory Board accepting a report from a working group that has been working on the problem since the fall of 2012.

The schema proposed by the working group was accepted by the advisory board at its meeting June 23. It recommends broad organizing principles rather than specific numbers.

It’s now up to NCI officials to put together the funding formula and make plans for implementation.

Under the new approach, the size of the P30 Cancer Center Support Grants would be calculated based on the following components:

 Base award: At renewal, a predetermined base award applicable to all centers of the same type would be the starting point. All basic, clinical and comprehensive centers would receive preset base awards. This component would use up 50 percent of the direct cost budget of the NCI Centers Program.

 Merit funding: This would be calculated on a linear scale, as a percent multiplier of base award, using impact score. If a center is underperforming, it may end up with a reduction of its base award. This component would use up 30 percent of the direct cost budget of the centers program.

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