To The Moon

In 2016, President Barack Obama announced a White House Initiative—with then-Vice President Joe Biden in charge—that would catalyze unprecedented momentum in the development of real-world evidence and cancer informatics.

With reporting by Matthew Ong, The Cancer Letter led the national coverage of the Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot, as the bipartisan initiative came to be known, becoming a convener and leader in policy discussions. The Moonshot resulted in the creation of a dedicated cancer center at the FDA, and in an infusion of funds to the tune of $1.8 billion over 7 years, with NCI as the steward.

The Cancer Letter continues to build on this coverage in 2021, as Biden returns to the White House with a renewed national agenda for cancer research.

PROBLEMAcademic investigators encounter a regulatory maze and lengthy delays when they attempt to test cancer drugs. Obtaining the compounds for testing combination therapies is especially challenging.SOLUTIONA formulary that tames the bureaucratic procedures to allow investigators at NCI-designated cancer centers to get the drugs—and clearance—faster.With a simplified tech transfer agreement, six industry partners and 15 compounds (but no dedicated research funds), NCI challenges investigators to think creatively.