June 28, 2013Jun 28, 2013

Two Phase III Trials Show Increase In PFS In Two Distinct Patient Populations

Phase III Trial In Recurrent Disease Shows Lower Risk of Progression or Death by 34%

Two Conflicting Studies Presented at ASCO 2013, FDA Called Upon To Sort Through The Data

Phase III Alimta Trial Fails To Extend Progression-Free Survival Without Grade 4 Adverse Events

Votrient Trial Meets PFS Endpoint In Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Afinitor Extends PFS In Women With EGFR-2 Positive Disease

Analysis Reveals CAIX Subgroup Responsive to Rencarex Therapy

Inhibitor Reduces Spleen Size By 35 Percent or More in Phase III

CTEP-Approved Trials For the Month of June

FDA Approves Two Oral Drugs For Metastatic Melanoma