August 31, 2012Aug 31, 2012

Updated EMILIA Phase III Trial Results Confirm Increase in Overall Survival

Study: HPV Testing Can Predict Precancers For Nearly Two Decades Following Exam

Kyprolis Demonstrates Overall Response Following FDA Accelerated Approval

Trastuzumab Increases Risks Of Congestive Heart Failure

Breast Density Does Not Raise Breast Cancer Death Rates

Amgen Halts Phase III Trial Of Ganitumab Plus Gemcitabine

Spectral Mammography “Like Color vs. Black & White TV”

Study Reveals Racial Disparities In Surgical Prostate Care

2,000 Breast Cancer Recurrence Biomarker Candidates Discovered

NCI Approved CTEP Trials For the Month of August

FDA Approves Afinitor Tablets For Advanced Breast Cancer

Afinitor Suspension Approved For Rare Pediatric Brain Tumor

FDA Approves Xtandi For Late-Stage Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer