publication date: Oct. 28, 2016

COA Reports More Attrition of Cancer Clinics

By Tessa Vellek

Since 2008, 1,581 community oncology practices have closed, been acquired, merged, or are struggling to stay open, according to the 2016 Community Oncology Practice Impact Report.

“An average of 3.6 practices have closed per month since COA began tracking this data,” said Bruce Gould, president and medical director of Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers, and president of the Community Oncology Alliance, in a statement.

The 2016 report was the sixth Community Oncology Practice Impact Report in COA’s series. The report covers activity for a nine-year period, from January 2008 through September 2016.

Compiled from public and private data sources based on updates from physicians across the country, the 2016 Practice Impact Report tracked community oncology trends at both the national and state level.

The states with the largest number of closures since 2008 were Florida—37, Texas—36, and Michigan—34. The states with the most practices struggling financially were Michigan—43, New York—41, and California—40.

“It is hard to say exactly why [some states had more closures], but we can speculate,” Nick Ferreyros, director of communications at COA, said to The Cancer Letter. “Some states were harder hit by the recession in 2008, which meant more practices closed or merged to survive, while others might not have ever had many community oncology practices in … Continue reading COA Reports More Attrition of Cancer Clinics

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