October 25, 2013Oct 25, 2013

Two Phase III Ramucirumab Trials Both Deliver Improved Overall and Progression-Free Survival

Pooled Analysis of 12 Seperate Yervoy Studies Shows Survival-Curve Plateau at 3 Years

Perjeta Neoadjuvant Therapy Granted Accelerated Approval In HER2 Breast Cancer

ASCO and CAP Issue Guideline To Improve HER2 Testing

Phase III Ramucirumab Trial Fails Primary Endpoint of PFS

Kadcyla Extends Median PFS In Open-Label Phase III Trial

Vectibix Non-Inferior to Erbitux In Wild-Type Metastatic Disease

Colon Polyps in Elderly Patients Are More Likely to Be Found Only with Colonoscopy

Phase III Vaccine Trial Fails To Improve Overall Survival

Central Line Safety Intervention Lowers Patient Infection Rate

Phase II Study Shows Positive Results in Reducing Dry Mouth

NCI CTEP Approved Trials For the Month of October