Dear Readers,

We recently upgraded our website to a new membership and content management system, and we apologize for the hiccups.

Here are some questions you asked:

Q: My institution has an IP subscription, does this transfer concern me?

A: No. You should still be able to access our content by clicking the “IP LOGIN” tab in the top menu, and it should log you right in as long as you are connected to your institution’s network (or via VPN if you are offsite). If you are a part of an organization with an IP site license, but cannot get in (i.e. getting a login error saying that your IP isn’t registered), call or email any of our staff members here.

Q: I got a couple of emails with new passwords, but I can’t login.

A: Ignore the emails if your organizations has an IP site license. If you’re an individual subscriber, in our second email from July 1, you should have received a new password. If you don’t have the second email, or if the password doesn’t work, it’s OK. You have two options: 

  1. Click the “INDIVIDUAL LOGIN” tab in the top menu. Click “Lost your password?” below the login fields and follow the prompts. The system will send you a new password via email.
  2. Call or email Paul or Matt, and either one of us will put your password in for you.

Q: I can login with the password sent to me (either from July 1, or from “Lost your password”), but I don’t like that password. How do I change it to something I can remember?

A: You can reset your password anytime by going to your profile. In the top right corner, you’ll see “Howdy, [NAME].” Mouse over it (move your cursor there), and a dropdown menu should appear. You’ll see a link that says, “Edit My Profile.” Click that and it’ll take you to your profile settings. Scroll all the way down and reset your password by clicking “Generate Password.” Delete the automatically generated jumble of letters and enter your own password. Hit the “Update Profile” button at the the bottom, and you should be all set.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to reach out.