Issue 30 - Jul 27, 2018
  • New drugs and new ideas are transforming AML

    An actuary might note that if you were in residency at the time when the 7+3 protocol of cytarabine and daunorubicin was first used to treat acute myelogenous leukemia, chances are you are considering retirement just about now.

  • Conversation with The Cancer Letter

    OSU’s Byrd: “It’s becoming necessary to consult with an expert, because it is complicated, and things are moving”

    As the landscape in acute myelogenous leukemia changes, consultations with top-tier experts have become a necessity, said John Byrd, the principal investigator of Beat AML, Distinguished University Professor, the D. Warren Brown Professor of Leukemia Research at The Ohio State University, a member of the NCI Leukemia Steering Committee, chair of the Leukemia and Correlative Science Committee within the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology.

  • Conversation with The Cancer Letter

    Agios’s Schenkein: “It’s not one disease. Just like lung cancer’s not one disease”

    Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc., the sponsor of two drugs that may change the outcomes for a subset of acute myelogenous leukemia patients, is focused on more than AML.

  • FDA will organize new review divisions around disease types, Gottlieb testifies

    To modernize drug development, FDA plans to add review divisions to its Center for Drug Evaluation and Research and organize those divisions around disease types, FDA Commission Scott Gottlieb said July 25 to members of Congress in a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing.

  • In Brief

    • DuBois, Pollak named editors of Cancer Prevention Research 
    • Walker named new COO of City of Hope
    • Manotti named senior vice president, chief development officer at MSKCC
    • Agarwal named chief medical officer at Epizyme
    • IU’s Broxmeyer receives NHLBI Outstanding Investigator Award
    • Royce, Kircher selected for ASCO’s 2018-2019 Health Policy Fellowship Program
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  • Clinical Roundup

    • UCLA’s Yang receives $1.4M to develop cellular therapy using blood stem cells
    • Takeda’s Alunbrig meets PFS primary endpoint
  • Drugs & Targets

    • FDA approves magnetic device system for sentinel biopsies in breast cancer  
    • FDA accepts Celyad IND application for CYAD-101, a non-gene edited allogeneic CAR-T candidate
    • Keytruda approved in China for advanced melanoma
    • BMS, Tsinghua University to develop therapies for autoimmune diseases, cancer
Issue 29 - Jul 20, 2018
Issue 28 - Jul 13, 2018
  • Immunologists seek ways to make TIL in solid tumors as effective as CAR T in blood cancers

    For more than four decades, Steven Rosenberg’s work on tumor infiltrating lymphocytes has met with equal measures of skepticism and cheer—but now, as more patients across multiple cancer types respond to cell transfer immunotherapy, researchers are eager to join the movement Rosenberg indisputably leads.

  • Conversation with The Cancer Letter

    NCI’s Rosenberg: Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes offer a strategy for treating recalcitrant solid cancers

    After achieving complete regression in several patients with different solid tumor types, Steven Rosenberg is eyeing the biggest prize imaginable—advancing the therapies he has championed for over four decades into the clinic as treatments for commonly occurring cancers.

  • House committee proposes $1.25 billion raise for NIH

    The fiscal year 2019 spending bill marked up by the House Committee on Appropriations gives NIH a $1.25 billion raise.

    “The National Institutes of Health, our nation’s premier biomedical agency, is funded at $1.25 billion above last year’s appropriation,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), Labor-HHS subcommittee chair.

  • In Brief

    • Gerstle named chief of Pediatric Surgery Service at MSK
    • Pestell joins CytoDyn as chief medical officer
    • Beck named COO at Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
    • UCLA’s Ribas named “Great Immigrant” by Carnegie Corp.
    • Abbott joins the Fox Chase Department of Diagnostic Imaging
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  • Clinical Roundup

    • ACA credited with earlier diagnosis of gynecologic cancers in young women
    • Phase III trial of Ninlaro meets PFS primary endpoint in multiple myeloma
    • New blood test measures four protein biomarkers, can help identify lung cancer
  • Drugs & Targets

    • FDA grants accelerated approval to Yervoy for MSI-H or dMMR metastatic colorectal cancer
    • FDA approves Xtandi sNDA for CRPC
    • FDA grants Priority Review to Merck’s sBLA for Keytruda for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma
    • Genentech submits sNDA for Venclexta for an AML indication