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ISSUE 16 – APRIL 18, 2014PDF

The Walgreens Connection
ACS Calls on Drug Stores to Stop Tobacco Sales

Last week, a blistering opinion piece on The New York Times editorial page focused on the coziness of the relationship between the American Cancer Society and Walgreens.The piece initially triggered criticism by ACS officials, but then—with no fanfare whatsoever—the society’s CEO called on the drug store chain, as well as others, to stop selling tobacco products.
photoConversation with The Cancer Letter Youle: ACS Stance on Tobacco Sales is Clear The American Cancer Society prefers to avoid public confrontation with corporate donors, even those who make money by selling tobacco products. “We have come to the conclusion that in the case of Walgreens, CVS, and other business partners, the best strategy is to work with them rather than against them,” said Robert Youle, vice chair of the board of the American Cancer Society and an attorney with the Denver firm Sherman & Howard.
photoIn a Change of Heart, LCA Endorses NLST Almost one decade ago, Laurie Fenton-Ambrose, president and CEO of the Lung Cancer Alliance, described the National Lung Screening Trial as “failed” and “outdated.”
photoFunding Opportunity Defense Department Offering $30.5 Mil In Lung, Ovarian Cancer Research Grants The Department of Defense announced the availability of several grants through its Ovarian Cancer Research Program and its Lung Cancer Research Program.


President Joe Biden’s proposed Advanced Research Projects Agency-Health would be a welcome partner to NCI—particularly in conducting large, collaborative clinical investigations, NCI Director Ned Sharpless said.“I think having ARPA-H as part of the NIH is good for the NCI,” Sharpless said April 11 in his remarks at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. “How this would fit with the ongoing efforts in cancer at the NCI is still something to work out.”