publication date: Oct. 16, 2020

Clinical Roundup

Genomic study of 6,000 NCI-MATCH cancer patients leads to new clinical trial benchmarks

Data from the NCI-MATCH precision medicine trial established a new benchmark for next-generation sequencing in clinical trials.

“Our exhaustive efforts to enlist all of the promising agents in NCI-MATCH established a new benchmark for the utility of next-generation sequencing in the conduct of clinical trials,” Keith T. Flaherty, a medical oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, and ECOG-ACRIN study chair for the overall NCI-MATCH trial, said in a statement. “With time, the efficiency of using tumor genetic testing for broad-based clinical investigation will only increase.”

NCI-MATCH, jointly run by ECOG-ACRIN and NCI, is the largest precision medicine cancer trial to date. The trial sought to match genetic abnormalities driving patients’ tumors with approved or experimental drugs targeting those defects. The type of cancer did not matter. Nearly 6,000 cancer patients joined the trial and contributed their tumor specimens for genomic testing.

The data was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The study provides an in-depth look into the tumor gene make-up of patients in the trial. It is the largest data set ever compiled on patients with tumors that have progressed on one or more standard treatments, or with rare cancers for which there is no standard treatment.

Four in 10 patients had tumor gene abnormalities that matched to targeted drugs studied in the trial. The gene abnormalities studied in the trial were already known to drive cancer growth. The chosen treatments were either new drugs in development that had shown promise in other clinical trials or ones that were FDA-approved in at least one cancer type.

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