publication date: Jun. 26, 2020

The Cancer Letter’s paywall is returning

Dear Reader,

When the COVID-19 crisis began, The Cancer Letter made the decision to take down our paywall, and provide coverage of the pandemic free of charge “until this crisis is resolved” (The Cancer Letter, April 3, 2020).

One crisis quickly expanded, as the disease attacked underserved communities—and a struggle for health equity expanded into a struggle for social justice. In these times of tumult, it’s essential not only to hear the voices of scientists, physicians, and other leaders,  but also the voices of those who have come to know injustice directly, through lived experiences.

Diversity is an indisputable prerequisite for any institution’s relevance—not a lofty goal. In recent months, the issues of The Cancer Letter swelled to unprecedented heft as we provided authoritative, uncompromising coverage, conversations with experts, and guest editorials from leaders in oncology. And our readership numbers skyrocketed.

All of our coverage of COVID-19 and its impact on cancer patients, cancer research, and cancer care is available on our coronavirus landing page. These stories will remain accessible.

As this crisis persists, our goal is to inform. This mission includes providing a platform for voices that must be heard as America struggles to control a deadly virus—and fights for justice and equity in health care and in our society as a whole. We will be here, covering this “new normal” for a long time to come.

Subscriptions make up 90% of our revenue, and we cannot make The Cancer Letter open-access indefinitely. Starting next Friday, July 3, 2020, the paywall will slowly begin to return. Not all stories will be behind the wall, however. When we determine that a public-interest story is of overwhelming importance, we will make it open-access, as we have done in the past.


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Thank you for the good work you are doing on the front lines of this crisis, and for turning to The Cancer Letter for information about cancer and SARS-CoV-2.

Paul Goldberg

Editor & Publisher

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